Sydmal Women’s Forum

The Executive Committee identified the need for a Women’s forum to meet the needs of women of Malayalee descent and involve them in the activities of Sydney Malayalee Association to achieve its goals and objectives.

Objectives of Women’s Forum

  • To empower, equip and mentor a coalition of women to be agents of positive cultural change and influence in the home, the community, the paid workforce and public life.
  • To incorporate our tradition and culture through activities and events.
  • To provide a forum for its members to meet and exchange views and to foster friendship, goodwill, and understanding.
  • To provide opportunities for cultural, and entertainment activities of its members and encourage them to participate and take leadership in all activities of the Association.
  • To co-operate with similar organizations to conduct/organize programs of common interest for the members to meet together and exchange ideas, views, and opinions.
  • To identify and recognize Malayalee talents and skills, that they may be mobilized for the enhancement of professional and career developments.
  • To organize network of women’s groups to constantly communicate, share, and update their knowledge base.

Sangamitra Sydmal Walk –
International Women’s Day 2021

To mark the occasion of International Women’s day 2021, women’s forum of Sydney Malayalee Association organised a fun walk to celebrate womanhood. About 70 ladies joined for a 5 km walk. This event was graced by Ms Jodi McKay , leader of opposition. With a #choosetochallenge female power, ladies and girls from the age of 12 to 65 yrs old joined for this amazing afternoon.