SydMal Membership

Sydney Malayalee Association Inc. (Sydmal) welcomes your support and cooperation in strengthening the cause for which Sydmal is established. Sydmal encourages you all to become its members through choosing either of the two membership options that will better suite your individual need.

By becoming a member of Sydmal, you are not only becoming a valued associate of this great organisation but you are also becoming a proud contributor to the voice representing the Sydney Malayalee community. Below is a brief description of the two memberships that are currently available to choose from. Memberships are open to any Malayalee above the age of eighteen and living in Sydney or any part of New South Wales.

Life Membership

Life membership is offered at a one off fee of $250 for a Couple and $150 for a Single. There is no joining fee or any other fee during the life term of the member. Life membership is non transferable.

Note: The life membership fee will not be used for the normal operations of Sydmal. These funds are kept aside for posterity and only returns earned from it will be used for its operating expenses.
Apply for Life Membership

Please download the application form from the below link, fill it (signature required) and submit the same by any of the following methods:

  • In person to any of our Executive Committee Members
  • Scan & Email to:
  • By post to: Sydney Malayalee Association, Post Box No: 3214, Bankstown, NSW – 2200

Registration form will be updated soon.